Monday, February 4, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Daga. Daga. Daga! Oo na Year of the Rat ang 2008 at gumamit ka lang ng simile... pero, PERO!!! Huwag mong ihalintulad ang inyong mga sarili sa daga. My gulay. You do not have black bead-y eyes or disgustingly long tails! You may love eating cheese or enjoy nesting in newspapers BUT you are too beautiful to be a rat, a mouse or a hammie even! (Sige na nga, tama na ang bolahan). Seriously, try to understand. Those articles saying the main office time wasters are websurfing, social network sites such as Friendster, Multiply or Facebook and what not are bound to get noticed by the powers that be. The most responsible thing for them is to take out anything that might distract you from giving your 101% attention to work . Feel their concern or even love. It is for your own good. It's not like you're working in a PR agency where you use all those sites and tools to reach out to the media--- or to the public--- and NOT get hefty sums of money. Oh, wait you do. Anyway, I totally feel bad for you guys. To show my my support, click on the article How to Waste Time at Work to ensure interest around the office. (Oy, hindi ako umabot sa point ng pagkaboring na ginawa ko tong mga to lalo na ung number 10)... So, what I'm basically saying is, I do not like mice.


  1. Pare, suporta ko pala yan sa entry-ng "Blog, blog, bloggggggggg!!!! "

  2. ang tagal na nito...Kung hei fat choi na ulit!

    miss you!