Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zinc will help your child grow tall

Did you know that aside from sleep, taking vitamins with Zinc will help your child grow tall?

yes, Zinc! - the mineral
found in high-protein food like beef and pork; beans, mushrooms, nuts, carrots, eggs.... - mineral that helps keep our immune system strong, relieve stress, aids in wound healing...can help in the skeletal growth of your child.

The same mineral can also be found in this new supplement,
Hi-Smart multivitamins - with Zinc, Taurine, Lysine which can help maximize your kids growth potential and assist in IQ development of your child. It is available in syrup and capsules - and all complete with B-complex, vits A, C, E and iron (when we were kids, Lysine ang sikat then you have to take vitamin C pa after). You can buy this at any drugstore and I think it's also available in 711 convenient stores!

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