Sunday, February 7, 2010

Johnsons Bedtime Discoveries

My colleague Dani was invited to an event sponsored by nuffnang, and she asked me if I want to go with her. At first I was hesitant coz the event is for "real" bloggers =)... I thought I shouldn't be there..but when she told me that it's ok to bring i got excited!

I'm single, i love kids but don't have plans to have my own.... I'm contented with just being a Tita to my nephews and niece. Actually, I started taking care of little kids when I was just 12. Every summer, I take care of my cousins...and every noon my Tita Bem would always tell us to go to sleep! Since I am the Ate, I have to make sure everyone will take a nap or else ako ang mapapagalitan! Of course we all hate our Tita back then, coz we didn't know the importance of taking a nap or the importance of sleep...all we know is 'hindi tatangkad' pag hindi nag sleep and no candies from Lolo.

Yun pala, there are other reasons why children should have enough good sleep.... so mommies, Titas, Ates and even Dads out there - watch this video! (pasensya na, hindi edited)

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson for the info and to Dani for inviting me~

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